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Top Benefits


The 'Services Factory' is based on the expertise developed by General Computer in 20 years of hatd work.

Thanks to its 'services factory' General Computer offers to its Partners, in the short term, simple service components with flexible SLA and, in long term, the following activities:
  • Multivendor Maintenance on systems, Server, Storage & Networking, management of Data Center mission critical systems
  • User services through a 24x7 Service Desk
  • European Support for multinationals
  • SLA changing during the period (from CTR 24x7 to NBD) to satisfy the most complex company process with changing critical situations in the year
  • Refurbishing of Clients old hardware together with a wide portfolio of other services (data erasure...)
  • Specialized personnel equipped with vendor certifications for different periods of time
  • IMAC services and Datacenter moving


General Computer aim is to increase Partner profitability and competitiveness through a structured program which includes:
  • Prospecting and lead generation through joined use of General Computer and Partners Data Base and definition of specific campaigns with exclusive assignment of generated lead
  • Protected and strict assignment of Clients and negotiations to the Partner
  • Commercial plans sharing on specific Clients and targets
  • Identification of a Partner Account Manager who, as a Single Point of Contact, is in charge of services provisioning, datasheet and economic proposal working out, research of the right price

Focus on Partner Portal

The Portal is the tool where Partners can find whatever they need to create new opportunities, manage the whole selling process and control the services supplying. Portal can be used for the following activities:

  • Registration and assignment of Clients in order to protect the Partner business
  • Definition and sharing of the economic proposals with all the possible variations to reach the sales goal
  • Monitoring of services activation and assurance


Since 80% of the turnovers is through trade generated, General Computer really believes in the value of Partner which are like an extension of the company itself on the territory. Thanks to local relationships, Partners are in the conditions to collect, day after day, all the clients needs which represent a starting point for working together to mmultiply business opportunities, always relying on the Services Factory. Clients and negotiatoins distribution takes place on the Partner Portal which controls any eventual overlapping. General Computer enters in specific non-competition contractual agreements.


Partner remuneration is based on the opportunity sharing principle to allow you to adopt the commercial flexibility necessary to close the sales agreement. After having been defined in a transparent way, the remuneration takes into consideration both components linked to new sales agreements and components related to renewed services.

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