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Global provider of innovative solutions for the data center

General Computer is a global supplier of innovative solutions for the maintenance, optimization, security and management of corporate ICT systems.
General Computer can take on global data center requirements (for all components: computers, storage, peripherals and networks), applying the innovative concept of structured solution which considers the data center as a dynamic collection of elements requiring a diversified approach, including:
  • A timely and effective maintenance service able to guarantee the operational efficiency of the systems, backed up by a range of technical support services to respond to the entire range of data center needs
  • Constant technological updating of the ICT infrastructure through project solutions aimed at keeping system performance levels optimized
  • Careful and efficient data center management, thanks to the use of specialized software tools allowing the evaluation, analysis and definition of evolutionary strategies for the ICT systems
General Computer can apply this versatile and multi-faceted approach to its Customers' data centers, guaranteeing the achievement of higher levels of efficiency and reliability, all with contained costs.

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