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About General Computer

Born in Pavia in 1993 as independent supplier of assistance services, especially in Unix area, today General Computer Group is positioned in the market as Maintenance services and Solution Provider.
General Computer Group - whose leading company is General Computer Italia - includes two other companies in Italy and has 20 years of experience in the Multivendor HW maintenance, supporting some of the main OEM products worldwide.
Over the years the company has expanded its activities and today offers a wide range of tailored- to-measure services and project solutions for different platforms (IaaS, Cloud services, IT activities Outsourcing, hardware, end-of-life management...). General Computer Group employs directly 140 people in Italy. There are also collaborations throughout Italy with some technical support centres run by external partners.


  • Attention to Quality
  • Focus on Services
  • Ideal dimension
  • Economic and financial stability developed in 20 years of experience in the market

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